Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Fall of South American Idol

We fought hard, damned hard. But alas, South American Idol was unable to defend our team trivia title at Murphy's Twin Shamrock Pub. We came in second. The night had it's highlights, like pulling these answers out of our arse:

What book, originalyl published in 1960, was written to settle a bet between the author and editor to settle a bet, that a book couldn't be written using less than 60 words? The author won the bet.
What was the name of the political party that H. Ross Perot created in 1992 while he was running for president?
"Biddy" was the original name of a character in what well known fairy tail?

And the low light(due to the fact that we wagered too many points on an educated/incorrect guess- nobody's fault, just was the definite lowlight):
In the 1850 Emmanuel Leutze painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware, what future president is pictured holding the american flag?
Here's a hint, pick someone that actually wound up president!
There's always next week.


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