Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hey Indy, Don't Get Too Excited, Manning is Still Your Quarterback

I championed the idea of Adam Vinatieri joining the Hall of Fame once he retired. Not anymore. Apparently he signed with the Indianapolis Colts. I hate no team, like I hate the Colts. I would prefer the Yankees win the world series rather than see the Colts win the Super Bowl (This is far worse than Damon signing with the Yankees). I will root against Vinatieri every time he kicks a ball. Whether it's a last second field goal in the AFC championship against Patriots or it's the opening kick in week 3 against Arizona.

That said, I can't believe the Patriots couldn't get this deal done. They passed on Givens and McGinnest. Fine, those guys will command more money than the conservative Pats can afford. There was no way to get all three of these guys signed. But, they have $13 million in cap room left. Where exactly do they plan on spending that money in the upcoming year? There aren't any notable free agents left. So, they couldn't afford $3 million to one of the most important players in their franchises history?
If Seymour and Branch don't get resigned I might have to stake out some Wesleyan womens lacrosse games to have a chat with Bill. (Last I heard from my source, Bill's daughter was on the team and he rarely misses a game)