Tuesday, March 14, 2006

So Long and Thanks for all the Balls

Glad I didn't buy that David Givens jersey. For most of the last three seasons Givens was my favorite player on the Patriots. That's saying something, given the fact that he's a Notre Dame alumni. Although, I think I took some twisted satisfaction in the fact that Irish had such talented players and didn't know how to use them; or at least make them more appealing to the NFL than a 7th round pick. And it was the fact that a 7th round pick could make such a difference on the best NFL team of the decade that made Givens so endearing. When he made the game winning touchdown catch against Denver at Mile High, in the imfamous "Safety" game, you knew that he wasn't your typical 7th rounder clinging onto his spot. That wasn't a catch that the clingers make.
But Givens is a number two on the Patriots. Deion Branch is the number one. And you can't pay your second receiver $25 million when you're going to have to resign your primary reciever the next year. Next year, Belicheck can tell Branch that the Titans gave Givens "#1 money," instead of having Branch's agent compare Givens' $25 mill as a number two, to what he feels a number one deserves.
So, it was fun. But it is what it is and in this league you can't always keep the players that you like. Especially, when you're a fan of the most efficient franchise in modern sports.